are you working on a project and want to use my music?

here's everything you need to know!

 content creators 

(licensing for youtubers, streamers, etc)

here's what you can do:

You can use my music in either commerical (aka monetized) or non-commerical content! You are required to give me credit for the music in your video or stream's description (more on that below)

here's what you can't do:

you can't re-upload my music without adding your own creative content. (this applied to music promoting channels and pages)

you can't claim any of my music as your own.

you can't sell my music.

 how to provide credit 

it's easy! just make sure the following information is in your video/stream description:

  1. my name and the song's title
  2. a link to my youtube/social media
  3. a link to where the song can be downloaded (ie: bandcamp or this site)

here, let's make it even easier! copy and paste the text below and change the song name:

Music: Evan King - [song name goes here]
Buy this song at:
Or grab it as a free download at:

 all other usage 

(licensing for film, games, advertisements, events, etc)

licensing varies depending on your project, so let's talk!

head over to my contact page and fill me in on the details.

i'll get back to you via email and we'll go from there!

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